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Adding a Calendar

Apple IOS

There are two methods - Subscribing (preferred) or just adding events to your own calendar.

Method 1 - Subscribing. Does not affect other calendars and you see updates to the events.

1. Click and hold on this link and then select Copy

2. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap Settings

Tap on Accounts & Passwords

Tap on Add Account


Tap on Other

Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar

Paste the address you copied from above

Click Next and Save




Method 2 - adding events to your own calendar. You will not see updates to events.

1. Click this link then follow instructions to add to your calendar




Setup the Google account assigned to your Android device.

  1. Log into the Google site using the account assigned to your Android device, then from top-menu click "More > Calendar".
  2. Under the 'Other Calendars' section, select Add by URL.
    Paste this feed into the box (it is in iCal format).
  3. You will see the calendar subscription appear under "Other Calendars".
  4. Confirm that the subscription is working by verifying that scheduled events are appearing in the calendar grid.

Configure you Android device to sync to your Google calendar.

  1. Go into you device's Calendar app, in the settings make sure your Google account is checked, then select 'Sync Now'.
  2. You may need to select the Google account calendar, then under "Other calendars" check the subscribed calendars the Android device is to sync with (by default, the "Other calendars" may not be checked).

You can see the calendar here.