Round the Pole Event - January 2017

The first NMFC event of the year - 'Round-The-Pole' Flying - will be held at:

Burwell Sports Hall at

7:00pm on

Saturday 28th January 2017 

This is intended to be a fun evening for members and their families (including children) and guests. The Sports Hall bar area will be open during the evening.

RTP flying has been described as 'aeriel scalextric';  if you have not come across it before you should visit for more information. Ian Hatton has all of the necessary equipment and a number of models which people can try but there is still time to buy and build one of the RTP Hut's simple kits* - all up cost less than £20! 

Please note that the RTP setup will occupy most of the space in the hall so it will not be possible to fly ordinary indoor models during the evening.

Click images to view larger versions

YouTube video of the flying