Salwa Touchdown Trophy


This competition is a bit of fun and is for any member who wishes to improve their landing skills.


There are 5 elimination parts to the test.

1 - land your plane within the designated landing area - landing area being 10M in length - Wheels must touch down within 2 min of take off.

2 - as above but land within 8M area

3 - as above but within 6M of area

4-  as above but land within 4M of area

5 - as above and land within 3M but in opposite direction!


Success is measured when the plane touches down (not stop) 

within the designated area and arrive at the touchdown site having flown down the runway from the designated entry point. All within 2 min.


The scoring will be monitored by 3 officials. One at the designated runway entry point. One at the first touch down marker, and a second at the second touchdown marker. One of these two officials must be the timekeeper for takeoff and touchdown.


The markers for the touch down area will be indicated by the use of club yellow marker cones on either side of the runway. All markers will be moved closer together at each elimination stage and will be done so equally.


2 marks for 1 

4 marks for 2

8 marks for 3

10 marks for 4

10 marks for 5


Half marks will be awarded if touchdown is achieved but not within the given time. No marks for not entering the starting point on the runway.


Members can elect to do any or all of each elimination stage.


Most points wins. If it’s a draw you do 3 coin tosses and it’s a 2/1 winner!


This is designed purely to help members land their planes within a given area and done so having arrived at touch down in a straight and controlled manner.


The Salwa Trophy to be retained for 1 year and competed for annually. The competition is named after one of our members wife who has terminal cancer.


There is a small toy plane as a trophy.