Scale Day

West Row

Sunday 12th September 2021 12:00pm

In previous years, the club has held a Scale ‘competition’ as part of its summer programme. This year, partly because of the effects of the pandemic and the generally poor weather, we have combined the event with the September Memorial Day BBQ.

This is a fun event and we encourage members to take part; it is an opportunity to bring out models which are not used regularly and, as such, it should also be an enjoyable event for spectators - friends and family are welcome.

Members are free to fly any models on the day – the Parish Council has been notified of the event so I.C. models which have a noise test certificate are permitted.

Event Format and Rules
  1. The event is open to any club member with model(s) that resemble a full-size aircraft. There is no requirement for true scale fidelity – i.e. models will not be judged by measurement or comparison with a photograph. Club members (including the competitors) judge the models (see below).

  2. Each entrant may enter a maximum of three models.

  3. On arrival, each entrant must complete a uniquely numbered entry card for each model they wish to enter. The details required are:

    1. Entrant’s name

    2. Description of the model, for example:

      • Seagull AT-6 Texan

      • Dynam T28 Trojan

      • West Wings BAe Hawk

    3. Build type, tick one of:

RTF Ready to Fly - A finished airframe which only requires the addition of radio gear to complete.

ARTF Almost Ready to Fly - A complete airframe which requires some assembly and the addition of servos, radio gear and a powertrain (if required)

Kit Build from a commercial kit - An airframe hand-built from pre-cut components which requires covering and the addition of servos, radio gear and a powertrain (if required)

Plan Built from a plan - An airframe hand-built from raw materials which requires covering and the addition of servos, radio gear and a powertrain (if required)

Scratch A ‘scratch-built’ model - An original airframe hand-built from raw materials which requires covering and the addition of servos, radio gear and a powertrain (if required)

  1. Entry cards must be completed and placed with the corresponding model, in the pits, by 13:00, at which point judging will begin.

  2. Each member (regardless of whether then are an entrant themselves) will be given a score sheet on which to record their scores:

    Scores are in the range 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Scoring is at the absolute discretion of individual judges (although they should attempt to apply the same criteria to each model). Note that the type of model should NOT be considered in the score this is taken into account when the scores from all judges are totalled (see below).

    Competitors may not score their own models.

    Judging will finish at 14:00 by which time score sheets must be passed to the event organiser.

  3. The event organiser will tally the scores and apply a ‘K’ factor (depending on the type of model) to the score totals:

    ‘K’ factors:

RTF 0% ARTF +5% Kit +10% Plan +20% Scratch +25%

7. The highest overall score takes the honours

A specimen Entry card and Score sheet are shown below.



Scale Day Results & Photos

For once, the weather was kind to us and Sunday's event was well attended, with a stunning array of models for members to judge. 

The final results table is shown below; Peter Rand took the trophy with his beautiful Extra 300.

Many members flew and overall, everyone had an enjoyable day due in no small part to Howard's efforts at the BBQ. Thanks must also be extended to Lynden for providing us with a perfectly manicured runway, and to Ian for organising the comp, and all of the scoring at the end.

Position Model # Description Owner Final Score
1 1 Extra 300 Peter Rand 138.60
2 10 Spitfire Mk9 Peter Bishop 134.20
3 12 Fournier RF4 Eric Papworth 133.10
4 5 A10 Julian Bailey 131.25
5 3 Tiger Moth Paul Hart 125.40
6 23 Indoor Tiger Moth Steve York 122.50
7 11 Corsair Peter Bishop 120.75
8 4 Mosquito Julian Bailey 116.55
9= 21 Spitfire Steve Rolph 115.50
9= 24 DC-3 Andy Imrie 115.50
10 2 P51 Mustang Paul Hart 113.40
11= 7 Globe Swift Ian Sewell 112.35
11= 18 Hurricane Patrick Davies 112.35
12 20 Baby Bollt Steve Rolph 111.10
13 19 Mosquito Patrick Davies 109.20
14= 9 Pitts Special Peter Bishop 108.15
14= 17 Spitfire Patrick Davies 108.15
15 13 C130 Ken Newman 107.10
16= 6 PC-9 Ian Sewell 105.00
16= 15 Catalina Ken Newman 105.00
17 14 Stearman Ken Newman 103.95
18 8 Carbon Cub Yann Louchart 101.85
19 25 Mustang Yik Chung 97.65
20 22 Mustang Steve Rolph 89.25
21 16 Sport Cub Mike Langran 78.00



Patrick's epic Messerschmitt Bf 109 fligh... err crash.