Online Polling of Club Members

Online polls of club members are run using a (free) survey hosting website: 

Poll Notifications

Whenever the committee decides that a poll of the membership is required you will receive an email poll notification from the club secretary. The message will contain a link to the AllCounted poll.

The notification will contain a closing date for the poll. Submissions will not be allowed after the closing date.

Access Codes

The Club's Privacy Policy does not allow the club to share your personal details with third parties. 

In order to allow the club to identify poll respondents, each poll notification you receive will also contain a unique 5-digit Access Code. The code enables you to participate in the poll without the need to enter any personal information.

Access codes may only be used once.

Registering your vote(s)

  • When you receive a poll notification, make a note of your access code and follow the link to the Allcounted poll on any internet-connected device (phone, tablet, PC)
  • You will be prompted to enter your Access Code before you can proceed to the question(s) in the poll.
  • Select the appropriate answer to each question.
  • Click Submit when you have completed all of the questions - your respons(es) will not be registered if you do not click Submit

Poll results

The club Secretary will consolidate the poll responses once the poll closes. The anonymised results will be circulated to members.

Version 1
April 2023