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Please ensure that you understand the material on this page before completing your NMFC Application form.

1. Conditions of Membership

Amongst other things, the club Constitution and Rules (which you must read) require that all members must:

  1. be members of the BMFA

  2. comply with the requirements of the new Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DMARES)

The two requirements are linked because BMFA membership provides third party insurance cover for lawful model flying activities and flying without complying with DMARES is, by definition, unlawful.

2. Joining the Club

You join the club by completing the application form and paying a fee for either Junior (under 18) or Senior membership.

The fee consists of an annual membership fee and a one-off joining fee (50% of the appropriate membership fee).

3. Joining the BMFA

You can join the BMFA as an individual by signing up for either Junior (under 18) or Senior membership via the BMFA Membership Portal.

Alternatively, you can join the BMFA through the club - in which case you pay the BMFA membership fee to the club and the club processes your membership for you.

3. Complying with DMARES

You can read all of the information relating to DMARES online (see below), but these are the key points:

  1. The legislation covers any 'drone', helicopter or model aircraft (collectively referred to as Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUAs)) weighing over 250g.

  2. Anyone over the age of 18 who is responsible for one or more SUAs must register as an 'operator' and obtain an Operator ID which must be displayed on all models. Registration costs £9 per annum.

  3. Under 18s are not permitted to be Operators in their own right, but they may fly SUAs belonging to registered operators.

  4. Anyone (regardless of age) flying an SUA is required to prove 'competence' by holding:

    • a CAA Flyer ID - by passing a free online CAA Test
    • a BMFA Registration Competency Certificate – by passing a free online BMFA Test
    • a recognised Achievement from a Model Flying Association (e.g a BMFA 'A’ Certificate)

As with BMFA membership, you can register for DMARES as an individual, or through the club/BMFA - choose the appropriate option on the form

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