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Club AGM

Monday 6th December 2021. Location: Jude's Ferry Public House, West Row. 7:30pm start

GMCL are reviewing the club's access to the Snailwell site in the light of the changes to COVID-19 restrictions on 19th July.

The Snailwell site will remain closed until the review is complete.

Images from the August 2017 Scale Competition
Format & Results

Images from the July 2017 Newmarket Carnival


Images from the May 2017 Electric Competition
Format & Results

Images from the April 2017 Indoor Flying Event
Info on the evening

Images from the January 2017 RTP evening
Info on the evening
You can upload photos here (password required)
Here are a few of videos taken at the Snailwell site

Ian and Paul flying Ian's new Yuneec Typhoon H